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What devices is the Good Beer Guide app available on?

The Good Beer Guide app is available on both iOS and Android devices. While the app will function on tablets it is optimised for smartphones.

Where do you get your pub and beer information?

The Good Beer Guide app compiles data from over 40,000 licensed premises, over 13,000 beers and 2,000 breweries. The data is collected and maintained by CAMRA members and is powered by WhatPub, CAMRA’s online pub database.

We then sync this data into the latest edition of CAMRA’s Good Beer Guide app so that you have the latest and greatest listings at your fingertips.

This app is great and I want to subscribe, how much is it?

There are several subscription options available to suit different users ranging from 99p per month to £4.99 per year. For more information, please visit see the app store.

What do I get for subscribing?

Paid subscribers have access to the full list of pub results, rather than just the closest 10 to the location set. You can also add more than three favourite beers and pubs. You will have have access to all pub filters and beer descriptions and be able to view all regular beers and breweries by location. Finally, you will be able to select a beer and see where it is regularly served nearby.

What is the difference between Good Beer Guide pubs and non-Good Beer Guide pubs?

All of the pubs that are included on the Good Beer Guide app have been selected by CAMRA branches across the country. Those that are denoted as “Good Beer Guide” are pubs that have been selected in CAMRA’s Good Beer Guide publication, the UK’s best-selling independent pub and beer guide and therefore considered Britain’s best pubs.

How do I subscribe to the app?

To subscribe to the app, simply tap the person icon on the bottom navigation, followed by the cog in the top to get to the “Subscribe” page where you will be given a list of options. You will then complete the purchase via the the relevant App store.

You will also be presented with prompts to subscribe throughout the app whenever you hit the limit for free usage.

I bought a subscription on the app but I still don’t have full access - help!

This could be the case if you are using a different email address on the app than on your Play or Apple store account. It can be easily fixed by going onto your profile page, tapping the cog in the top right corner to find the “subscription info” page where you can “restore subscription”.

If the issue persists, you may be logged into the app with a different email address than the one you signed up with. If this is the case, you will need to log in with the correct email account. If you are still having problems, please contact the support team.

Will my subscription to the previous Good Beer Guide app still be valid?

We will honour all live subscriptions for any remaining period of subscription. If your subscription has expired or you never subscribed to the Good Beer Guide app you will need to create a fresh subscription in the new app.

What about my old account details?

We have, tried where possible, to carry across account information. However, we recommend that you request a new password as part of your first session using the app.

If you have any trouble logging in to the app using your existing credentials please contact the support team.

My subscription to the old Good Beer Guide app hasn’t transferred over - what do I do?

This is something we can easily fix - please contact the support team if you are experiencing issues.

I had lots of pubs on the old Good Beer Guide app - do I have to start again?

If you used the MyGuide function in the old app the flagged pubs should appear in the favourites lists in the MyGuide section of the new app (tap the persons head on the app footer menu to access). Comments will be stored as posts which relate to each pub and can be viewed in the MyGuide section.

If you are struggling to find pubs previously stored, they may have been lost when migrating over to the new app. We may be able to help restore these in individual cases - please contact the support team with information on the specific data you are missing.

I can’t log into my account

If you have used a previous version of the Good Beer Guide app, you may experience trouble logging in for the first time. Make sure that you are using the same email address that you registered on the old app in the first instance. You can also try the “reset password” option to generate a reset code which is valid for ten minutes to allow you to amend your login settings.

If the problem persists, contact the support team who can provide a reset code which will be valid for 24 hours.

I have forgotten my password

If you have forgotten your password, simply click on “forgot my password” when you first launch the app. You will be asked to fill in your email address, which will generate a reset code to be sent to your email address. Check your emails and enter it into the next screen along with a new password. The code is valid for ten minutes to allow you to amend your login settings.

If the problem persists, contact the support team who can provide a reset code which will be valid for 24 hours.

How do I search for a pub?

To search for a pub, make sure to put the name of the pub in the top search bar and the location in the second search bar down. The location search bar is marked with an arrow symbol, and will help you with your search.

If you want to mark a pub that you are visiting, simply tick the box that appears in the corner of the banner image on the pub’s page, or click “I’m here”.

How do I search for a location?

There are two inputs on the pub search - one that sets your location, and one that searches for a given pub in that location. To set a specific location for your search click on “Current location” to enter a postcode or town or search nationally.

How do I search a beer?

To search for a beer just select the beer icon from the bottom navigation. Here you can search for beers via the beer name or brewery. You can also change the top tab to display beers that you’ve already posted about.

How do I filter pub results?

You can filter the pub results from your search by tapping the blue “Filters” button at the bottom of the list. This will load up a screen allowing you to select certain pub criteria, such as “only GBG pubs” or “pubs with parking”, for example. You will see the count at the top reduce as you apply more filters and the number of filters applied will be listed on the blue button so that you know when you have filters applied to a search.

What is a post?

A post is where you share the beer that you’ve tagged and the pub you’ve tried it in on your newsfeed. If they are public then other people can view, like and comment on your post. If you create your post as private then only you can see this information.

How do I follow others?

To follow someone, simply tap the person icon at the bottom right hand of the lower navigation and click “Following”. Here you will be able to see who you already follow and follow new people by tapping on the + icon in the top bar where featured users can be found. You can also import people from your phone contacts or enter a full email address in the search to find someone you know.

Why would I follow people?

Following people allows you to see what beers and pubs they are enjoying, adding a social dimension to the app.

How do I make my account private?

Simply click the bottom right navigation (person icon), then tap the cog icon in the header to select “Edit Profile”. From this screen you can toggle the “Private Account” option on and off.

If you used a previous version of the Good Beer Guide app, your account has been transferred over as a private account. New accounts on the new app are public by default.

What is private mode?

Private mode stops other users from searching and finding you, following you or seeing your visits and beers tasted. It also disguises the number of posts you’ve made and hides your posts. While in private mode, the default privacy of a new post is private.

What is a private post?

A private post is a post that only you can see which can be made on either a beer or pub. Private users create private posts by default and public users create public posts by default. However, a public user can create a private post by changing the privacy setting for that specific post by using the toggle switch on the “Create Post” page.

What is a public post?

A public post is a post that can be seen by the people who follow you. Your followers can like or comment on your post, enabling a conversation about the beer or pub. If a follower comments on your post you will receive a notification to let you know. By clicking on the commentator's name you can view their profile and follow them back. Public users will create public posts by default.

How do I turn off notifications?

You can turn off notifications through your handset’s notification option. Each device is different, but this is normally found in the general settings menu.

How do I record a pub visit?

To record a pub visit simply load the pub page on the app and tap the circle in the bottom left of the pubs photo. This will change the circle to a ticked circle and record the visit. The date can later be edited from your visits list in the MyGuide screen.

How do I remove a pub visit?

You can remove a pub visit by opening the pub page in the app and clicking the tick in the bottom right corner of the pub photo. The app will ask you to confirm that you want to remove this visit. Confirming this will delete the visit.

How do I mark a beer as tasted?

When visiting a beer page in the app you can mark a beer as tasted by click the check box next to the text “Tasted?”. To add a note in about a beer, select “I’m drinking this”, which will allow you to create a post about that beer.

How do I remove a tasted beer?

To remove a tasted beer simply visit the beer page and deselect the checkbox next to the text “Tasted?” You will be asked to confirm that you wish to remove this beer from you tasted list, doing so will delete this beer from your list.

Where are my previous pub visits?

You can view your previous pub visits simply by tapping the person icon in the bottom right hand corner of the lower navigation and selecting “My Visited Pubs”. This will show you all of your pub visits in date order.

You can then swipe left to edit the date of a visit, or select the entry to view pub details. You can also remove the visit by clicking on the pub photo’s bottom right toggle in the pub details section.

App can't find my location when searching

Ensure location services are turned on and the GBG app has access to the device location settings. This will vary between manufacturers.

For IOS devices :

For Android devices:

For Xiaomi devices try the following:

  1. Go to Security App -> Permissions -> Click on the gear icon on the top right of the permissions window -> Enable Permission Manager
  2. Press back button once -> You will now reach permissions window
  3. Tap on Permission option there -> Scroll down and select Maps -> Make sure there is a green tick mark near Get Location info.
  4. If no green tick mark-> tap on Get Location info -> Tap on Accept.
  1. Go to Settings -> Additional Settings -> Privacy ->Location -> Make sure Access to my location is turned on
  2. Make sure Location Mode is set to High Accuracy
  3. Make sure Allow background location is turned on
  4. Tap on Background Location Access -> and check GBG app has a tick mark on its right side
  5. Tap on Location Access -> Make sure GBG app is shown here.

The app is taking too long to load

Occasionally the app may take a long time to load and not perform optimally. This may be for a number of reasons:

  • You may be running the app on an Android using an older version than 5.0
  • You may be running the app on an iPhone using an older version than 8.0
  • You may have poor signal or a slow data connection - the app requires an internet connection to function properly
  • You may have other apps running on your phone which could be using up available space and memory

Unfortunately, devices older than five years can experience performance issues so it is best to keep them up-to-date. You can also try checking your internet signal and the number of apps running on your device to resolve the problem.

The app is not loading and crashing with a white screen

Some parental controls will prevent the app from funtioning due to the content containing "alcohol". Please check your parental controls are set to off on your mobile phone and/or internet service provider account. (You may need to login to your internet service provider account via their website admin.)

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